Company Structure




Kevin Mitchell

Director – Papakura Office – B.E.(Hons), N.Z.C.E., M.I.P.E.N.Z.

Has a 30 year background in structural engineering including specialized testing at the University of Auckland and design and development of complex free form reinforced concrete structures and extruded aluminum profiles. Experienced in the use of timber, steel and concrete for residential, industrial, marine and commercial buildings up to 23 stories.


Kevin Vranjes

Director – Grafton Office – B.E.(Hons), N.Z.C.E., M.I.P.E.N.Z., CPEng.

Has a 30 year background in both civil and structural engineering including large scale multi-unit residential work, specialized industrial construction and medium rise commercial buildings.


Nick Covich

Managing Director – Grafton Office – B.E. (Hons), N.Z.C.E., M.I.P.E.N.Z., CPEng.

Over the last 30 years  Nick has worked in both the civil and structural related fields of Engineering.

His early career was with Local Government and work included design of roading, stormwater, sanitary and associated infrastructure type works, asset management, contract supervision and administration.

He has been with Mitchell Vranjes Engineers for the  last 21 years and has worked predominately in the structural design area.

His experience has included design for residential, commercial and industrial type developments , retaining structures, Council infrastructure, pedestrian bridges, art structures, temporary works, water retaining structures, evaluation of existing buildings and most recently Base Isolation design.


Naresh Panchia

Papakura Manager – Papakura Office – M.E., M.I.P.E.N.Z., CPEng.

Has over 27 years experience in structural engineering. Includes design and construction monitoring of residential, industrial, educational and medium rise commercial buildings, fluid and earth  retaining structures. Also provides investigation of existing buildings including IEP’s and Detailed Seismic Assessments.


Andrew Clarke

Grafton Manager – Grafton Office – B.E.(Hons), M.I.P.E.N.Z, CPEng.

Has extensive structural engineering experience in residential, industrial, medium rise commercial buildings and Initial / Detailed Seismic Assessments. For the larger projects he has experience in managing the structural design and drafting teams, as well as coordinating of other sub-consultants for our clients.

Also has experience and a special interest in seismic strengthening of heritage and unreinforced masonry buildings.

He has been with Mitchell Vranjes Engineers for 9 years.


Simon Moore

Quality Assurance Manager – Papakura office – N.Z.C.D., Civil Engineer

Has over 22 years experience in structural draughting using Autocad and Revit, specializing in concrete and steel structures and including multi-storey structures.


Ian Foxall

Draughting Manager – Grafton office

Has over 17 years experience in Autocad and Revit draughting. specializing in residential, commercial and industrial structures. Also has experience in managing draughting teams.




Dave Olsen

Structural Engineer – Grafton Office – B.E.(Hons)

Prior to joining Mitchell Vranjes in 2016 Dave worked for 9 years as a Consulting Design Engineer designing composite (carbon fibre and fiberglass) structures. During that time he was the lead designer and Project Manager for projects in several countries and across a range of industries including; wind and ocean energy, marine, aerospace, automotive and mass transportation. He specialises in Finite Element Modelling where required for challenging / novel structural applications.


Hsen-Han Khoo

Senior Structural Engineer – Grafton Office – B.E.(Hons), Ph.D. (Civil), M.I.P.E.N.Z, CPEng.

Graduated from the University of Auckland in 2008  with a B.E.(Hons) and a Ph.D. in 2012. Has over 6 years experience in both research and professional consultancy. This includes development of low-damage friction steel connections, design of low to medium rise commercial buildings, seismic assessments of commercial and residential high-rise buildings, and post-earthquake inspections.


William Potter

Structural Engineer – Grafton Office – B.E.(Hons)

Graduated from the University of Auckland in 2012 and has experience in the structural design and supervision of residential and medium rise commercial buildings. Also has experience in structural draughting.


Victoria Anderson

Structural Engineer – Grafton Office – B.E.(Hons)

Graduated from the University of Auckland in 2011. Has experience in geotechnical and water resources engineering and is developing her skills in structural engineering.


Kavinda Widanapathirana

Structural Engineer – Papakura Office – B.E.(Hons)

Graduated from the University of Auckland in 2011 and has 5 years experience in civil and structural engineering. This includes design of single storey buildings, detailed seismic assessments of commercial and educational buildings and construction monitoring of tanks and bridge structures.


George McAdam

Structural Engineer – Grafton Office – B.E.(Hons)

Graduated from the University of Canterbury in 2014 and is developing his skills in structural engineering.


Mika Wylde

Structural Engineer – Papakura Office – B.E.(Hons)

Graduated from the University of Auckland in 2015. Has experience with the structural design and construction monitoring of residential and low-rise commercial projects.


Wesley Bell

Structural Engineer – Grafton Office – B.E.(Hons)

Graduated from the University of Auckland in 2017 and is developing his skills in structural engineering.




Jun Mai

Senior Draughtsman – Papakura office – Bachelor of Building Science

Has over 8 years experience in MicroStation, AutoCAD & Revit Draughting. Project experience includes multi-storey apartment/office buildings, commercial/residential developments, industrial structures and civil infrastructure. Also has experience in structural strengthening of buildings and precast concrete fabrication drawings.


Fred Wijesurendere

Senior Draughtsman – Grafton office

Has over 12 years experience in AutoCAD & Revit draughting. Project experience includes, commercial, residential, heavy industrial, civil infrastructure, schools and hospital structures.


Helaina Walmsley

Papakura Office

Junior draughts person and receptionist.



Support Staff


Rose Pyne

Administration Manager – Grafton Office


Karen Beck

Administration – Grafton Office


Associate Companies

Fire Engineering Consultants Limited – Fire Engineers

The Drawing Board – Contract Revit/ Autocad Draughtsman

Tech Draughting – Contract Revit/ Autocad Draughting Company

Simpson Gumpertz and Heger (SGH) – Base Isolation