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Working with Mitchell Vranjes isn’t just about getting the details right. Our team does that, and more. They are excellent communicators who know how to explain concepts while keeping the practicalities in mind, and they’re good to have a chat with after a day’s work.

It’s a huge part of why our team sticks around and our clients keep coming back.

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Current Roles

If the career path you are after isn’t currently offered here, but you believe you’re aligned with our core philosophies outlined below, we are always happy to hear from motivated and exceptional Structural Designers and Revit Operators.

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Grow your skills.

Get one-on-one mentoring from senior engineers.

We don’t just hire you and leave you to do the grunt work – we want you to grow. That’s why you’ll be mentored by senior engineers throughout a variety of engineering challenges to add on-to-job experience to your academic training.

Make your mark.

A flat hierarchy means your ideas get heard.

As a smaller firm, we’re not buried in layers of management. That means you won’t be left at the bottom doing menial work. We want to hear your ideas. We want you to be involved. That means you develop faster and move up the ranks sooner, and we get fresh new thinking – that’s a win all around.

Big projects, not egos.

We take the job seriously, but not ourselves.

We’ve completed plenty of impressive projects with big budgets and complex requirements – we take that part of our work really seriously. But when it comes to kicking around ideas, or eating lunch together, you’ll find we’re all easy to talk to and just all-round nice people. Our clients like that too.

Engineers who can really build.

Holistic advice that goes beyond structural engineering.

Can you build a dog house? We value people who can move beyond the theory to understand how designs will work in real life. That’s a bit about being a practical person, but it’s also being passionate about creating structures that really work – for the people building them, and for the people who’ll ultimately use them.

Work hard, then stop.

Our team achieves greatness within a 40hour week.

We don’t think you do your best work if you’re grinding away to all hours. We want you at your freshest, most focused best – and that means protecting your weekends, knocking off at a reasonable time, and paying overtime when we need you longer. Our people smash it out 9-5, then come back the next day ready for more.

Competitive remuneration.

We want the best, so we pay what you’re worth.

Money isn’t everything – but it sure is important. You’ll earn a salary that’s comparable to any of the top firms in NZ. That’s because we’re always looking for the best to join our team, and practical minded, detailed Structural Engineers with good EQ don’t work for peanuts.